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thats google safety net which only allows apps that use that check to be installed on google verified OS’s which graphene cant become

try conduit if you want a HS thats alot more optimized and runs well without a ton of resources

They are similar but matrix rooms are fully decentralised compared to xmpp where if the server the room/muc/channel was made in goes down for whatever reason means it can’t be used/talked in, unlike matrix where every server in the room “hosts” it

It’s almost certainly the same person posting them as well just on different accounts

They don’t implement the same encryption as signal OMEMO uses the double ratchet system that signal uses that’s it

Where did signal ever advertise it’s too be used anonymously

what exactly do you want from PFS that element doesnt do? the keys are rotated every so often and when a new session is logged into, so that new session cant read past messages unless it gets keys from other sessions

element web supports sliding sync in labs, not beta’s I dont think its been touched in ages so its going to be rougher then ele x clients

They meant no source code users can access themselves

no one said it doesnt exist, just we cant see it and read it ourselves to verify its doing what its saying its doing

I’m fairly certain that’s not how it works, you’re describing a VPN where your isp routes all traffic to an IP

what? no you dont and the founders have said they dont like them at all since they go against the core of matrix but they make alot of sense in businesses for an internal chat app

how does DNS over TLS help with privacy? please explain it to me, since the ISP can still see the IP your sending data to and getting data from and can just reverse DNS lookup that IP

I know exactly what it is and you dont need one to be found

synapse has gotten lighter, but its still heavy if you join a big room like HQ with a few thousand servers in and a complex state

all it does is ping to check that your config.md is valid I think its not the end of the world like people make it out to be and its element/new vector not new vector/matrix

there is still servers it goes through to get to whoever your talking to and it doesnt have perfect forward security so that a no go for me

you dont, users can find me just fine without sending my phone number to an idenity server, please stop spreading FUD

Linearized matrix wont be replacing the current way rooms work, especially with how they want to make the clients p2p eventually, its just for the DMA and convincing them to go with matrix

thats one check and just use another client :P and that doesnt send the messages in the room to matrix.org so that doesnt have anything to do with the comment I replied to

XMPP has issues such as rooms are not properly decentralised, not all clients support proper replys and you cant edit messages older then 1 message

the servers are much lighter then matrix servers, conduit is quite light and fast compared to synapse but not as light as XMPP servers

please stay respectful even when someone spreads fud

You don’t have to give them your phone number to be searchable, just use your matrix ID

Files in encrypted rooms are encrypted

Your not wrong about the metadata but xmpp leaks the same amount it just doesn’t goto every server that has a user in the room

That article is full of fud don’t trust it

but I do generally like matrix, its far from perfect but I do think its the best bet for a decentralised chat platform

If your talking to someone and your both on a server that’s not matrix.org no data gets sent to matrix.org