Android Proton Drive only backs up images when app is in foreground
Anyone else have the same problem? I activated the photo backup which works more or less but only when I have the app open. I would expect it to backup taken images automatically. Why should I keep the app open for that?

I was looking at Proton plans, and I noticed that the Proton Pass Plus plan costs almost double on the 24-month plan compared to the 12-month one. 1 month: USD$4.99 12 months: USD$1.99 24 months: USD$2.99 The Pass Plus plan is the only one that gets more expensive at 24 months. Why is that?

@protonprivacy how do you view the files created by:
[@protonprivacy]( how do you view the files created by: []( I used it on Linux and it gave me hundreds of .json and .eml files. How do I view them in an easier format? The file names don't help either.
@protonprivacy how do you view the files created by:

Everyone's been complaining about having access to passwords offline. While you could always do that with the Android app (and I assume iOS), you can now do it in Windows. [Direct link to install file from the screenshot email]( Proton has been killing it lately. I feel like the speed at which they're rolling out new features and products has really picked up over the last year or so.

I guess their new free plan changes means they force you into linking your account with Google, make you spam done on a million websites as they try to make you change the email associated with them and to use their mobile app. If you don't do these things you lose your free data allowance! And as a paid user it's even more annoying shit to deal with when visiting your inbox! The best part? Doesn't even allow you to dismiss it. Why does Proton keep making the UX worse and they are getting more aggressive.


How does Proton justify its free options?
I joined Proton just a few days ago, and I'm paying for it so I can use my custom domain. I watched this interview and it raises a huge question for me (link includes timestamp): In this interview, Andy Yen says about gmail et al "there's no such thing as a free lunch". Then, in nearly the same breath, he boasts that most Proton users don't pay, they use the basic service for free because that's all they need. So my question is: if there's no such thing as a free lunch (which there isn't), how come Proton can offer it?

Now you can swipe through your messages on the Proton Mail iOS app
Proton team message: Hi everyone, We have a new Proton Mail feature for you. Now, you can swipe between messages on the Proton Mail iOS app. Stay focused as you quickly move from one email to the next. If you haven’t already, get the app here: Let us know what you think!

Hi! @protonmail (or @protonprivacy ) what is the most convenient plan for ProtonMail with my own domain, considering that
Hi! [@protonmail]( (or [@protonprivacy]( ) what is the most convenient plan for ProtonMail with my own domain, considering that I would like my wife to be able to have her independent user? Thanks!!
Hi! @protonmail (or @protonprivacy ) what is the most convenient plan for ProtonMail with my own domain, considering that

L’offre gratuite de #Proton comprend maintenant 5Gb de stockage dans le #Drive. Tout en gardant 1Gb dans [#Mails](https://m
L’offre gratuite de [#Proton]( comprend maintenant 5Gb de stockage dans le [#Drive]( Tout en gardant 1Gb dans [#Mails]( Et toujours le [#VPN](, le calendrier et le gestionnaire de mot de passe. Ce sont les utilisateurs payants qui financent l’offre gratuite. Perso, je suis «Unlimited» depuis plus de deux ans, que du bonheur. [\#Sécurité]( [#CyberSécurité]( [#Chiffrement]( [#Cloud]( [@protonprivacy]( [](
L’offre gratuite de #Proton comprend maintenant 5Gb de stockage dans le #Drive. Tout en gardant 1Gb dans [#Mails](https://m

>The IT ministry has reportedly decided to issue an order blocking end-to-end encrypted email service ProtonMail. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the government is planning to block the email service at the request of the Tamil Nadu police over a hoax bomb threat sent to at least thirteen private schools in Chennai on February 8. The report says that the decision to block ProtonMail was taken at a meeting of the 69A blocking committee on Wednesday (February 14). >A Proton spokesperson told the publication that the company has received the request from MeitY “a few days ago”. “We are currently working to resolve this situation and are investigating how we can best work together with the Indian authorities to do so. We understand the urgency of the situation and are completely clear that our services are not to be used for illegal purposes. We routinely remove users who are found to be doing so and are willing to cooperate wherever possible within international cooperation agreements,” the spokesperson said.

Question about upgrading to proton
Dont know if anyone has any experience with this but i have a vpn plus account for 2 years and want to upgrade to unlimited soni can move my domain mail and stuff to proton. But i cant find any option for this or im blind. Do i now have to make a separate mail plus account? That would make the bill something like 380 euro for 2 years (since i already paid for vpnplus for 2 years) thats a little bit to much. Or is the only option to wait for my vpn plus to end (which is in about 20 months)?

cross-posted from: >cross-posted from: > >Proton's mission, funding sources, independence, and community are some of the reasons we're more resilient than other privacy-first companies.

From the proton team: Hi everyone, This week, we’re bringing you bulk management of your email on the Mail iOS app. You no longer need to feel like organizing your inbox is a chore. Now, you can easily label, move, delete, or mark your emails as read with one tap from your Proton Mail iOS app. If you haven't already, get the app here: Thank you for your feedback and support, The Proton Team

Proton team (devs), would you mind to join PG discussions?
Your competitor Tutanota registered on PrivacyGuides forum ``` ``` (Not clickable because it is not an ad, who wants can easily copy/paste) I think it will be great if Proton will create official account there too! :)

From the Proton Team: Hi everyone, As many of you are aware, Skiff has been sold to Notion and will be shutting down in six months. For those looking for a privacy friendly alternative, Proton is community-funded and established in 2014. If you’re concerned about Proton’s future, read the recent statement from Proton’s founder and CEO, Dr. Andy Yen, [here]( ##### Migration Guide To learn how to migrate your emails, contacts, calendars, & files from Skiff → Proton, visit:

Proton CEO official response: Hi everyone, this is Andy here (Proton founder/CEO). Just got alerted about the news, and wanted to respond to some of the comments along the lines of "how do we know Proton won't sell out?" The truth is, you can't know for sure, but Proton is structured in a way that provides a strong assurance, and we'll be sharing more about this some time in the next month. But for all intents and purposes, it really isn't possible for Proton to be acquired. Proton is not a product of silicon valley, but a crowdfunded project that was conceived at CERN. Proton doesn't have VC investors (so no pressure to sell), and Proton is profitable (so no pressure from finances). To this day, it continues to be managed and run by scientists, and nobody goes into science to get rich. Finally, Proton has scale with 100M+ accounts and 400+ employees. Frankly, if the goal was to sell and make a bunch of money, it could have already been done long ago. Instead, we push onwards. Our work is brutally difficult, with daunting challenges every step of the way, and only the true believers stay on the path for this long. If money was the goal, we wouldn't have done any of the things listed on this page ( much less given away over $2.7 million to aligned organizations This year Proton happens to turn 10. We'll probably never be the cheapest, the most flashy, or maybe not even the fastest. But we will strive to be the most resilient. For as long as there's this community of users supporting our work, we're not going anywhere. In fact, the ideas and values we share together, may even win the future of the web. For that reason, we're eternally grateful for your support as we fight the hard fights. source: [reddit](

Also, [@protonmail]( [@protonprivacy]( Linux users really need a decent Proton Drive app.

[] Top blog posts of January 2024
From the Team: Hi, everyone! As our [yearly blog roundup]( promised, we're bringing you last month's top new blog articles. January turned out to be quite news-heavy, with posts analyzing the relationship between big tech and privacy concerns being the most prominent. 🥶 [Outlook is now Microsoft's new data-collection service ](\- Microsoft informed its users that they share their data with 772 third parties. 💲 [Big Tech has already made enough money in 2024 to pay all its 2023 fines ](\- Last year, Big Tech companies (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft) received about $3 billion in fines for breaking laws. We discuss whether these fines are big enough in the given context. 🧽 [The worst privacy washing of 2023 and trends to expect in 2024]( \- The false advertising Big Tech companies use to trick people into thinking their products are private is becoming the #1 threat to privacy. Regarding the more practical articles we publish, most of you have been interested in [how to set up a private email server](, while the most popular piece of Proton-related news has been [the price change of Proton Pass]( We'll keep rounding up top blog articles each month for you to make sure you're all caught up on the latest news and tips. You can follow our blog [here ]( have an RSS feed, too), and we welcome all your suggestions about what we should write about next! Let us know in the comment below.
[] Top blog posts of January 2024

Hey [@protonmail]( [@protonprivacy]( ! When will you start implementing internal sharing in Proton Drive, with ACL (like read, write, share, admin privileges) per share? That's essentially what's missing for several of my users, which means we could finally close Tresorit.

Proton Pass for business is now available
From the team: ------------ Hi everyone, We're happy to announce that Proton Pass for Business is now available. Organize and share passwords with your team using unlimited vaults backed by Proton Sentinel, our most advanced account protection program. It's open source, GDPR compliant, and protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Sign up now for a 50% limited-time discount. Pricing starts at $1.99 per user per month. Try it today and let us know what you think: [](

Paid proton and discord compatiblity?
Usage of an always on vpn has become essential for me, since my country is blocking even now, but I have found that discord blocks proton vpn connections what I am wondering is if this is also the case for the paid servers. My other option is to somehow exclude discord from vpn which I have read is complicated especially on linux. My country has long crossed to line and I don't wanna connect to the internet without a vpn at all anymore.

Proton Privacy’s annoying SoMe campaigns
I love Proton Privacy as a company, and most of their products. However, I hate their current SoMe campaign of just ranting and bashing on every other company out there. It’s so negative. Is more negativity really what we need? Can’t you just be positive and talk about all your good stuff - are you 100% sure the only way to grow is to do negative campaigns on everyone else? I’d really love for you to be different ❤️

Proton keeps dodging my questions
I've had it up to here with Proton. I'm an Unlimited subscriber, but even so I receive promotional ads in the Proton VPN app for Android (e.g., "Limited time offer..." or "x% off..."), which is something I find distracting and weird, since my subscription is active. These promotions don't *always* appear in the app, but it was really bad around the turn of the new year. It made me feel like I was using some sketchy crapware I accidentally downloaded from the Play store vs. a legitimate VPN app. Let me make this clear: **I am not talking about emails!** I know how to manage emails, but for some weird reason, it's all anyone ever responds with. **If one more person replies with information on how to manage email subscriptions, so help me...** I am specifically talking about promotions that appear to be baked into the app itself and are indismissable and perpetually visible within the app. (See my examples above, if you're still confused by what I mean. I wish I'd taken screenshots last time it happened.) Another issue I've had with Proton is that occasionally I will receive popups on their web site that entirely obstruct the screen and have no way to bypass them. [Here's an example of one advertising Proton Pass, that has no x button and nothing to click except "Start using Proton Pass now," which is not something I want to do!]( If you check my comment history, you can see multiple instances of my asking the Proton fediverse account (I think they're on Mastodon) about these things, and every time without fail, they reply telling me how to manage email subscriptions, which (to be clear) IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, IN FACT I WAS VERY EXPLICIT ABOUT THIS. So I finally contacted them via support. Here's what I said: >How can I disable notifications for promotions on your web site? (See: >How can I disable notifications for promotions in the Proton VPN app for Android? >I'm not talking about emails, but about the "50% off now!!!!" or "Try our new product!!!" style advertisements that I keep seeing. >I am a subscriber to Unlimited, and I do not want to see these self-promoting ads from Proton. Let me just quote this one more time. I said: >I'm not talking about emails So here's the response I got: ![]( I ... I can't fucking believe it. I've sent one last message about this, but I don't feel very hopeful at this point. If they replied with something like, "Unfortunately, we don't allow users to dismiss promotions," I could probably live with that ... but this total dodging and ignoring simple questions is a huge red flag. Do I trust these people with my privacy when they can't even answer a simple question? Fortunately, all of these services have viable alternatives, so if they are unable to answer me this time, then farewell to Proton. I'm sick of this shit. Edit: [PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT EMAIL PREFERENCES](https://*removed*/nQtzZ1r/Screenshot-20240203-131041-Fennec.jpg)

I got this email earlier today in my inbox and wanted to be sure that this was not an attempted phishing scam. I didn't see anything about this on Proton's website, Reddit or Lemmy, so just wanted to cover my bases. Didn't click the link and just went straight to Proton's website to download the latest version and install (while also uninstalling the Flatpak I was previously using). If this is legit, Proton should probably make it more visible to the community by at least addressing it on their own website. EDIT: I also checked the version number on the Flatpak and on the .deb versions I installed and it did indeed go up by one, so this does seem to lend it more legitimacy, but more acknowledgement would still be appreciated. EDIT 2: According to comment below, this is indeed legit, thank you! If you're using the Windows or Linux version be sure to do the update!

ProtonVPN on MacOS
Is there anybody else experiencing that they are forced to relogin (enter credentials) for the ProtonVPN app on MacOS each time it has entered power save mode/been in standby? Extremely annoying.

[@protonmail]( [@protonprivacy]( [\#protonpass]( not showing expected offer.

The Proton Mail desktop apps for Windows and macOS are now accessible in beta to all supporters on paid subscriptions
From the team: Hi everyone, As a result of your valuable feedback, we've been working on making Proton Mail and Calendar easier to use on your desktop. Today, we reached a significant milestone - the Proton Mail and Calendar desktop apps for Windows and macOS are now available in beta for all supporters on paid Proton plans. We're also working on the Linux app and will release it soon for testing. Thanks to [your initial feedback](, we've added new features and bug fixes, including: - 🗓 Easier access to Calendar via the app switcher on macOS - 🚨 Notification badge for unread messages - 🔤 Improved accessibility and font support - ⏩ [Easy Switch]( and Gmail sync can now be set up from within the app, allowing you to easily sync emails, contacts, and calendars from non-Proton accounts - 💜 The option to set Proton Mail as your default email client on macOS Download links and more info here: []( Let us know what you think; we look forward to your feedback! Stay safe, The Proton Team

DNS leak with ProtonVPN
cross-posted from: > Hello! > > I did follow this guide but i went with protonvpn. I did achive that i can access my lan with VPN and get ProtonVPN when i check > > Im running wireguard on my android and have a wireguard docker solution. > > But when i ran an [dnsleak test]( i see my wan IP adress. When i ran proton VPN app i get no leaks but cant access my LAN. > > Any tips how i can fix the dns leak?

Give proton pass vault access to Emergency contact
I would love to see proton pass adopt a form of [emergency access]( akin to Bitwarden. Have I missed it? I believe it’s crucial to have a trusted person be able to access your vault in the incident one is not able to.

Drive and Office Doc preview
Is there any plan to make it possible to view MSOffice documents on Android Proton Drive without first having to download them to the device? It's a real pain right now.

Price change for Proton Pass Plus
From the Proton Team: ---------------------------- Hi everyone, We're making a price adjustment for Proton Pass Plus. At Proton, we rarely change prices. For example, Proton Mail Plus has had the same price for ten years despite having more features now. As a community-funded organization, Proton is not primarily profit-driven, and our prices are only influenced by operating costs, not pressure from venture capital investors. As we raise prices when costs increase, we believe it's only fair to reduce prices when costs decrease. Due to the rapid adoption of Proton's password manager, we've achieved economies of scale sooner than anticipated. As a result, we're happy to announce that new and existing Proton Pass Plus plan subscribers can now enjoy a reduced monthly price of $1.99 (previously $3.99) on annual subscriptions. You can find more details in our blog post here: ----------------------------

Hey [@protonmail]( [@protonprivacy]( ! First, thanks a lot for your responsiveness. It feels great to keep in touch with my favourite service providers 😁 I'm a Mail Plus user, considering Unlimited, to use VPN. Given the "conflict" with DNS settings when switching on a VPN, how do you see your ad-blockkbg capabilities versus, for example, [#nextdns]( ? I believe [#nextdns]( might be more configurable, but overall protection level is probably equal to the one of [#protonVPN]( ?

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    Empowering you to choose a better internet where privacy is the default. Protect yourself online with Proton Mail, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive. Proton Pass and SimpleLogin.

    Proton Mail is the world’s largest secure email provider. Swiss, end-to-end encrypted, private, and free.

    Proton VPN is the world’s only open-source, publicly audited, unlimited and free VPN. Swiss-based, no-ads, and no-logs.

    Proton Calendar is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted calendar that allows you to keep your life private.

    Proton Drive is a free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that allows you to securely backup and share your files. It’s open source, publicly audited, and Swiss-based.

    Proton Pass Proton Pass is a free and open-source password manager which brings a higher level of security with rigorous end-to-end encryption of all data (including usernames, URLs, notes, and more) and email alias support.

    SimpleLogin lets you send and receive emails anonymously via easily-generated unique email aliases.

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