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It is an error. A fix to remove this is coming, as the team stated some hours ago:

“There is a fix incoming, thanks for your patience!”


How do you get rid of this f* titlegore?

Please be respectful of the language used here. We don’t use that kind of expressions here, and won’t allow it.

No. The team have official handles and ourselves, Volunteer mods, as in reddit. But that user is just a user AFAIK.

[Proton.me] Top blog posts of January 2024
From the Team: Hi, everyone! As our [yearly blog roundup](https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/comments/199pmnk/protonme_top_blog_posts_of_2023/) promised, we're bringing you last month's top new blog articles. January turned out to be quite news-heavy, with posts analyzing the relationship between big tech and privacy concerns being the most prominent. 🥶 [Outlook is now Microsoft's new data-collection service ](https://proton.me/blog/outlook-is-microsofts-new-data-collection-service)\- Microsoft informed its users that they share their data with 772 third parties. 💲 [Big Tech has already made enough money in 2024 to pay all its 2023 fines ](https://proton.me/blog/big-tech-2023-fines-vs-revenue)\- Last year, Big Tech companies (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft) received about $3 billion in fines for breaking laws. We discuss whether these fines are big enough in the given context. 🧽 [The worst privacy washing of 2023 and trends to expect in 2024](https://proton.me/blog/privacy-washing-2023) \- The false advertising Big Tech companies use to trick people into thinking their products are private is becoming the #1 threat to privacy. Regarding the more practical articles we publish, most of you have been interested in [how to set up a private email server](https://proton.me/blog/private-email-server), while the most popular piece of Proton-related news has been [the price change of Proton Pass](https://proton.me/blog/proton-pass-price-change). We'll keep rounding up top blog articles each month for you to make sure you're all caught up on the latest news and tips. You can follow our blog [here ](https://proton.me/blog/)(we have an RSS feed, too), and we welcome all your suggestions about what we should write about next! Let us know in the comment below.
[Proton.me] Top blog posts of January 2024

Thank you for your feedback. Growing as an organization is most of the times thanks to the community. I’ll do my best to pass along.

It’s official, for the original message see here: https://status.proton.me/incidents/3jwzn1fyf1x3 "Some Windows and Linux versions of Proton Mail Bridge are experiencing issues in auto-upgrading to newer versions of Bridge. In certain situations, it can lead to downgrading to a version that could reduce reliability.

If you are facing problems with Bridge on Windows and Linux, or even if you are not facing issues, we recommend making a manual update to the latest version.

Download the latest version here: https://proton.me/mail/bridge#download

Afterward, double-click the downloaded file to start the update. Once the update is done, Bridge will be able to auto-update again.

Every Windows and Linux Bridge version between 3.2.0 and 3.8.1 (inclusive) must be manually updated to the latest Bridge version to re-enable auto-updates, which is important for security and reliability. We recommend performing a manual update if you are unsure which version of Bridge you have.

In case of any questions, please get in touch with Proton customer support or consult the following article for more information: https://proton.me/support/protonmail-bridge-manual-update

No other Proton services besides the specific Windows and Linux versions of Proton Mail Bridge were affected. Posted 15 hours ago. Feb 03, 2024 - 00:29 CET"

Would be nice, right? Thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass along!

Edited: thinking it further, it could be a different app, not all pass users use mail.

The Proton Mail desktop apps for Windows and macOS are now accessible in beta to all supporters on paid subscriptions
From the team: Hi everyone, As a result of your valuable feedback, we've been working on making Proton Mail and Calendar easier to use on your desktop. Today, we reached a significant milestone - the Proton Mail and Calendar desktop apps for Windows and macOS are now available in beta for all supporters on paid Proton plans. We're also working on the Linux app and will release it soon for testing. Thanks to [your initial feedback](https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/comments/18ixwog/the_proton_mail_desktop_app_is_now_available_in/), we've added new features and bug fixes, including: - 🗓 Easier access to Calendar via the app switcher on macOS - 🚨 Notification badge for unread messages - 🔤 Improved accessibility and font support - ⏩ [Easy Switch](https://proton.me/easyswitch) and Gmail sync can now be set up from within the app, allowing you to easily sync emails, contacts, and calendars from non-Proton accounts - 💜 The option to set Proton Mail as your default email client on macOS Download links and more info here: [https://proton.me/support/mail-desktop-app](https://proton.me/support/mail-desktop-app) Let us know what you think; we look forward to your feedback! Stay safe, The Proton Team

It would be awesome, for sure. I’d personally love it. I know it’s planned. That’s as far as our data goes.

Proton VPN: Top blog posts of 2023
Hi, everyone! To properly bid farewell to 2023, we made a roundup of the most-read articles on our blog in case you missed them. As usual, the most popular articles were the most practical ones, helping readers understand the issues around online privacy, as well as dealing with common VPN use cases: [How to change your IP address on Windows?](https://protonvpn.com/blog/change-ip-address-windows/) [Can my VPN see my internet activity?](https://protonvpn.com/blog/can-vpn-see-internet-activity/) [Can someone see my internet history if we use the same WiFi?](https://protonvpn.com/blog/internet-history-wifi/) [Five best torrent clients for your privacy 2023](https://protonvpn.com/blog/best-torrent-clients/) [How to share a VPN connection on Windows and Linux?](https://protonvpn.com/blog/share-vpn-connection/) In addition to these, you seem to have been really excited about the news surrounding Proton VPN, like [the release of our browser extension](https://protonvpn.com/blog/browser-extension/), as well as the deep dives into global issues affecting privacy, such as [the Great Firewall of China](https://protonvpn.com/blog/great-firewall-china/). With this thread, we're starting a new series here on r/ProtonVPN \- we'll round up top blog articles from the previous month for you to make sure you're all caught up on the latest news and tips. You can follow our blog [here](https://protonvpn.com/blog/), and we welcome all your suggestions about what we should write about next! Let us know in the comment below!

fdroid wen

When an alternative way of pushing notifications is developed. Not yet. And with that dependency, it won’t get to fdroid.

Good thing feedback isn’t a super important part of beta testing or anything

No need for sarcasm over here. Feedback is super important on this phase. As it always is.

Yeah, this one was among the most requested features. Glad it went through!

Weird. I’d suggest you uninstall and re-install if that’s possible. Could be a beta issue somewhere. I’m not seeing it in my own device, that’s for sure, and I removed both (production from Playstore and first manual beta apk) to get the actual beta from the playstore, if that helps.

Hmmm, I’ve seen some requests like this before, and no, we don’t have any information on that, AFAIK. Due to the nature of the encrypted service, Proton has some extra challenges to get that right compared to non-encrypted providers.

It’s a function that’s still in beta, on a gradual rollout, so here you have some more data: https://proton.me/support/enable-photo-backup

Yup. Awesome development IMHO. Many fellow users were requesting this. It will gradually see the light on a planned rollout.

More that 6Tb? No, at least there’s no more data on this.

Agree. Proton is not only about SECURITY but about PRIVACY. ISPs usually collect data and sell it, governments and third parties use your data. I wouldn’t go out there without a VPN.

That’s the thing, it’s not. Different platforms have different priorities. Holding back a feature because of not being able to deliver in another platform was always not in Proton’s ideal scenario. That’s the why. A team has it ready? Release!

Hi, do you happen to have a ticket number, so we can follow up with the team? Thanks!

I hear you. Roadmaps are being updated and will be published as soon as they’re ready.

Well, it is planned, we’re kind of short in human resources, but are working on it. Thanks for your feedback!

I use FolderSync to move from /Pictures/Screenshots and other to /DCIM/Camera so they autoupload. Just works so far, apparently.

Notifications are still encrypted, so no issues there about privacy. Convenience? Sure thing. BTW, I really want a notification service away from Google.