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Can you please report that behaviour through the app to the support team please? Feel free to DM me the ticket number. I’d like to forward that to the team for an internal follow up.

That should both not be an issue anymore. For Android, there’s a fully rewritten App in beta status (https://proton.me/support/mail-android-beta) and the new Linux client has been released as well. (https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-vpn-setup/)

Just saying, this is indeed the correct way :-)

You aren‘t really supposed to have multiple free accounts. Pay up if premium features are needed ;-)

Shamelessly stolen from reddit 😜

Hey there, depending on the plan, you get access to unlimited vaults and hide-my-email addresses, Proton Sentinel (account takeover protection), ability to enforce 2FA, and built-in 2FA authenticator. More features such as SSO and groups coming soon!

Normally updates should be shown in Aurora IIRC.

What are they doing all day long?

It might surprise you, but working. ;) (Clearly, as your statement implied they do not do anything).

Andy did not say “a few years” in those words in that interview. When making such statements, please do link to the exact source (e.g timestamp in the video) and not just to a 1h22 long interview and leave everyone to find the source of the quote on their own. Please use correct quotes.

For anyone looking for it, it is around the 42min mark:

Andy mentioned “sooner or later” and that Drive is essentially harder than bringing VPN to Linux. Andy explained well with technical reasons why Linux is challenging (different filesystems, kernel differences, different file browsing experiences, different desktop environnments as example) and mentioned he could see an Ubuntuy version in probably in the next ~24 months. To get to a state where he can comfortably say that the main Linux distributions are 90% supported could take essentially longer. He also mentioned that he wants to get something out there for Drive users in the next year or two.

Proton Pass for business is now available
From the team: ------------ Hi everyone, We're happy to announce that Proton Pass for Business is now available. Organize and share passwords with your team using unlimited vaults backed by Proton Sentinel, our most advanced account protection program. It's open source, GDPR compliant, and protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Sign up now for a 50% limited-time discount. Pricing starts at $1.99 per user per month. Try it today and let us know what you think: [https://proton.me/blog/business-password-manager](https://proton.me/blog/business-password-manager)

Quote straight out of the linked blog:

The Proton Mail desktop app is currently available for macOS and Windows. We’re working on a Linux version that will be available in early access in the coming weeks.

Thanks for mentioning that. Here is a new one:

Does that work for you?


I am not confused at all. My quote literally shows otherwise, however this discussion is senseless. There’s no here with federation and ActivityPub protocol. I am out of that discussion now.

You are welcome. By the way, I posted a guide here for Proton VPN & NextDNS on iOS / ipadOS / macOS:


For Android it is simpler, as you don’t need the whole configuration profile and adaptation of config part:

  1. Download the WireGuard App from the Play Store / Aurora / WireGuard homepage+ download the WireGuard config from https://account.protonvpn.com

  2. Import the config and enable the tunnel into the WireGuard app

  3. Set the private DNS in the Android Network settings to the *DNS-over-TLS/QUIC" Address you can find at https://my.nextdns.io -> Setup

Yea I am glad, even though you don’t know what Lemmy is, we’re able to interact, thats cool. Hope so see you more often around here from whichever frontend or service you access the information 😁

No it isn’t. If you don’t know what it is, consider educating yourself instead of confidently stating an incorrect position.

You really ought educating yourself more before posting such stuff please. The commenter you’re answering to is using Mastodon, replying via Mastodon and we see the answers here. You can verify that fact yourself here:


We use lemmy and can read and answer straight into Mastodon. This is the beautfy of the federation and the ActivityPub protocol. It is possible to interact with eachother between different services.

In the following link as example, the Proton team answered from Mastodon and we can view the comment in lemmy:


Original answer in Mastodon:


It doesn’t matter where the team answered into, fact is the teams answer can be visible here.

Proton.me: Top Blog posts of 2023
From the Team: ------------------------- Hi, everyone! To properly bid farewell to 2023, here's a roundup of the most-read articles on our blog, in case you missed them. As usual, the most popular articles turn out to be the most practical ones: [Can emails be traced?](https://proton.me/blog/can-emails-be-traced) \- And the steps you can take to keep your email private. [How to check if your email has been leaked?](https://proton.me/blog/check-if-email-leaked) \- And what you can do about it. [7 tips to check if an email attachment is safe](https://proton.me/blog/which-email-attachments-are-safe) \- Email attachments may contain malware that criminals trick you into downloading, often leading to identity theft, credit card fraud, or other cybercrime. [How to block emails?](https://proton.me/blog/how-to-block-emails) \- Whether to stop spam, prevent phishing, block a stalker, or just better control your overflowing inbox, this article covers how to do it on Proton Mail and other major email services, like Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. [How to delete your Gmail account?](https://proton.me/blog/delete-gmail-account) \- Believe it or not, the deletion process can take up to two months, so it's best to start as soon as possible. In addition to these, you seem to have been really excited about the news around the Proton ecosystem, like[ the release of Proton Pass](https://proton.me/blog/proton-pass-launch), as well as [big tech privacy-washing news.](https://proton.me/blog/google-incognito-lawsuit) With this thread, we're starting a new series here on r/ProtonMail \- we'll round up top blog articles from the previous month for you to make sure you're all caught up on the latest news and tips. You can follow our blog [here](https://proton.me/blog) (we have an RSS feed, too), and we welcome all your suggestions about what we should write about next! Let us know in the comment below

Price change for Proton Pass Plus
From the Proton Team: ---------------------------- Hi everyone, We're making a price adjustment for Proton Pass Plus. At Proton, we rarely change prices. For example, Proton Mail Plus has had the same price for ten years despite having more features now. As a community-funded organization, Proton is not primarily profit-driven, and our prices are only influenced by operating costs, not pressure from venture capital investors. As we raise prices when costs increase, we believe it's only fair to reduce prices when costs decrease. Due to the rapid adoption of Proton's password manager, we've achieved economies of scale sooner than anticipated. As a result, we're happy to announce that new and existing Proton Pass Plus plan subscribers can now enjoy a reduced monthly price of $1.99 (previously $3.99) on annual subscriptions. You can find more details in our blog post here: https://proton.me/blog/proton-pass-price-change ----------------------------

Sometimes they do ;-) However I do think that is a question better asked for the community so people can share their experiences.

The beauty of federation is that the official Proton Mastodon account was tagged and throughr Mastadon they could directly answer into the thread here :-)

For an out of the box system, Netshield works good indeed. If you want more customization and better granular control, you can achieve more with NextDNS. Out of the box, NextDNS is empty and you’ll have to choose for yourself what you’re blocking. Thus out of the box, Netshield is better. Once you’re having a proper NextDNS config, you’re likely to block a little more with NextDNS, based on personal experience.

You can check or benchmark the blocking as example here: https://d3ward.github.io/toolz/adblock.html

For that reason, personally I am using NextDNS.


  • This is not officially endorsed by Proton VPN.
  • Use at your own risk (like with any custom DNS)
  • This will leak DNS requests on purpose outside of the Proton VPN Tunnel to NextDNS, with DoH enabled, for the purpose of a better customization of DNS blocking.

tl;dr: For a normal user, Netshield is good enough. For more technical user needing a better granular control, NextDNS bight be better. Read the disclaimer.

Indeed! This is why there’s also a Matrix server. (and I on purpose listed it first :D ) Some people however do prefer Discord.

Just incase it was missed, the new Linux vpn client was also released. More features and cli coming as well.

You can find it on apk mirror. Also once you have it, it should normally offer updates automatically in Aurora. Atleast that is the case for me

Please do try with the new one indeed. If it should happen again (I doubt but please try), do send in a bug report and letme know the ticket number.

Not yet. However I do believe the rewritten up is the solid foundation needed for that to be happening in the future.

Apps are usually open sourced and made available as well as APK file after the app exits beta. Now it is in beta for everyone as of today.

Find us on community supported Matrix and Discord servers
Hey folks, There is now also a community supported Matrix (privacy first :D) as well as a Discord server (for those who prefer that). It will be a space for the Proton community and privacy enthusiasts to interact and discuss. The focus at the beginning is mainly on the community and on user-to-user support. So to speak, a community run alternative to so far existing channels. Here are the links if anyone is interested. Looking forward to meet some of you. https://matrix.to/#/#privacybydefault:matrix.org https://discord.gg/7GVapvJSYw edit 29.01.2024: generated a new discord link

If you’re using Aurora, you can select Manual Download with build number 7340.

The new Proton Mail Android app is now ready for testing
Copy from reddit: ------------------------------- Hi everyone, We're happy to announce that the new Proton Mail Android app is now available in beta to all Proton supporters! The app has been rewritten from the ground up to make it more stable and reliable. This provides a solid foundation for new features we plan to add soon. The app already includes one of the most requested features - Conversation mode, which is enabled by default. You can join the beta program in 2 easy steps: 1. Go to the Proton Mail app in the Google Play Store 2. Scroll down to the "Become a beta tester" section and tap "Join now." Find more information here: https://proton.me/support/mail-android-beta. You should receive an update if you're already in the beta program. Note that it may take some time for your app to update. Please note that some minor features you may use daily are yet to be added to the new Mail Android app. We plan to release this updated version of the Proton Mail Android app to everyone in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support and for helping us test our apps! As always, we look forward to your feedback. The Proton team -------------------------------

Between this and their “broken since at least 2021” Linux VPN client issues, I am questioning why I drop $30 a month to support them.

To be fair:

  1. For the Android app, refering the the newly & fully rewritten beta app isn’t wrong. It is fully rewritten because the old one has too much technical debts. Please do try that new app out.

  2. A new and rewritten VPN client (GUI) was released for Linux, CLI will follow.

I do understand. Why I mentioned to try the beta app is because it is fully rewritten.

Different teams are working at different products, one has nothing todo with the other.

I’d suggest trying the Android beta app, which is fully rewritten.

Often such emails have a “List-Unsubscribe” header entry, thus you could check on that.

if allof(
    exists "List-Unsubscribe"
) { 
    fileinto "mailing list";

[Guide] NextDNS + Proton VPN (WireGuard) + DOH3 on iOS / iPadOS / macOS
**Disclaimer:** - This is **not** officially endorsed by Proton VPN. - Use at your own risk (like with any custom DNS) - This will leak DNS requests on purpose **outside** of the Proton VPN Tunnel to NextDNS, with DoH enabled, for the purpose of a better customization of DNS blocking. Credits to https://reddit.com/u/DN9TP3 who wrote this [guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/mullvadvpn/comments/x6b3dq/guide_nextdns_mullvad_wireguard_doh3_on_ios/) originally for Mullvad. Thank you for your excellent work. I took the liberty to take the original [guide](https://www.reddit.com/r/mullvadvpn/comments/x6b3dq/guide_nextdns_mullvad_wireguard_doh3_on_ios/) and adapt the procedure for Proton VPN. This is mainly directed to users, who were making use of the "Personal VPN" and "Device VPN" Configuration slots on iOS / iPadOS, to have more blocking customization options with 3rd party apps (Lockdown, Ad Guard etc.) as Proton VPN does not have Netshield customizations or Custom DNS support (on iOS, iPadOS and macOS) so far. I believe there will be some more customizations possible in the future (Sam pointed at that in a comment once here), for now though there's this guide here: **Requirements:** * Have a NextDNS account (https://nextdns.io) * Have the WireGuard app installed: * iOS / iPadOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/wireguard/id1441195209 * macOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/wireguard/id1451685025 **NextDNS steps:** 1. Visit: https://apple.nextdns.io (while logged in NextDNS) 1. Enter your "Configuration ID." 2. Enter your "Device Name." 3. Enter your "Device Model." 4. **Do not** "Trust NextDNS Root CA." 5. **Do not** enable "Bootstrap IPs." 6. **Do not** enable "Sign Configuration Profile." 2. "Download" your new Configuration Profile, which will be in your Downloads folder, as a file ending with .mobileconfig. 3. Inside that file, there will be one occurrence of the string `apple.dns.nextdns.io`. Replace that string with `doh3.dns.nextdns.io`. 1. If one is comfortable with macOS's Terminal app, one option for effecting the above string replacement would be to execute: `sed -i.bak 's#apple.dns.nextdns.io#doh3.dns.nextdns.io#' ~/Downloads/NextDNS\ \([::alnum::]*\).mobileconfig` 4. Install the edited Configuration Profile. Simply open the file with iOS / iPadOS through Files or on macOS and a Configuration Profile will have to be approved in the Settings. **Proton VPN (WireGuard) steps:** 1. Visit: https://account.protonvpn.com/downloads 2. Select a Server, generate and download a WireGuard Configuration File. **Note**: Netshield can be off, as NextDNS is used instead of Proton DNS. **Note**: It is one configuration file per server. If you want multiple servers, you'll need to download and prepare multiple files. **Note**: WireGuard configuration files have an expiration date, visible in the dashboard. After that, this step will have to be repeated. 3. Edit the WireGuard Configuration File. 1. For "DNS" specify: `` 2. For "Allowed IPs," specify: `,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,` **Note**: The above CIDR ranges were derived by visiting the [WireGuard AllowedIPs Calculator](https://www.procustodibus.com/blog/2021/03/wireguard-allowedips-calculator/) and—on that page—setting Allowed IPs to `` and setting Disallowed IPs to ``. 4. In the WireGuard app, create a new WireGuard tunnel from your WireGuard Configuration File. **Note**: Due to a bug in the macOS WireGuard app's UI, you will not be able to "Add Empty Tunnel", nor will you be able to "Edit" an existing tunnel; You must instead have edited your WireGuard Configuration File first, and then "Import Tunnel(s) from File." This bug is not present in the WireGuard app on iOS/iPadOS. 5. Enable `On-Demand`--> `Wi-Fi or cellular`; `Any SSID` and activate your new WireGuard tunnel. 6. Restart your device. 7. Visit https://ip.me and confirm you're connected to a Proton VPN server 8. Visit: https://test.nextdns.io 1. status should be: `ok` 2. protocol should be: `DOH3` or `DOH` 1. **IMPORTANT NOTE**: NextDNS features foundational support for DOH3. Currently, DOH is the default; DOH3 is not. When explicitly using the doh3.dns.nextdns.io endpoint, DOH3 will be leveraged when available; otherwise, DOH will be leveraged. This means that—at this time—when visiting test.nextdns.io, you should expect to see either DOH3 or DOH; instead of only DOH3. Similarly, when visiting the `my.nextdns.io` *Logs* tab and hovering over a row's lock symbol, you should expect to see either `DNS-over-HTTP/3` or `DNS-over-HTTPS`; instead of only `DNS-over-HTTP/3`. [[1](https://help.nextdns.io/t/x2hmvas#p8hfyaw)][[2](https://help.nextdns.io/t/x2hwqca#x2hw3jd)] >The above steps will make it such that your new WireGuard tunnel uses the NextDNS Configuration Profile you installed. It achieves this by explicitly setting the DNS servers to (which is not the same as for IPv4. Then, we allow the entire IPv4 address spaces to transit the tunnel, except for the aforementioned device-local IP.

Hey, Proton Pass is open source and has now passed an independent security audit (by [Cure53](https://cure53.de/)). The Android and iOS apps source code can be found [here](https://github.com/protonpass/), the browser extensions source code for Firefox and Chrome-based browsers (including Edge) can be found [here](https://github.com/ProtonMail/WebClients/tree/main/applications/pass-extension). Proton has also completed an independent security audit conducted by Cure53 for all Proton Pass applications and browser extensions, along with the Proton API. This was a “white box” audit, meaning the security researchers were given full access to the Proton Pass source code, along with full access to Proton Pass engineers. More information can be found in the blog post over [here](https://proton.me/blog/pass-open-source-security-audit). The audit report can also be found in the blog post.

PSA; If you have problems to post/comment -> set language
Hey, As we are all still new here and trying to figure out how it all works, a quick PSA: If you have problems posting/commenting, you have to set the language of the post/comment before submitting. Alternatively you can set the languages in your profile under: top right hamburger -> your username -> settings -> languages I was wondering today why I couldn‘t comment, until https://lemmy.world/u/alex_herrero@lemmy.world told me about the language settings per post/comment. After that I have found the setting to enable that account wide. Cheers!