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It just does. Your phone can check by itself if someone is on signal or not - no upload of contacts needed.

This is with vpn!? 😮

You didn’t notice speed differences cause you didnt use 5g without a VPN or fiber but for the average internet user 50Mbit/s are enough anyways probably

Well, I’d say they can do that as long as it stays on my device like with Signal.

Sticking to Signal is really the best option

The privacy policy doesn’t matter if no data is saved unencrypted or with no metatdata.

The only thing Signal saves (which is proofed by a law case afaik) is the phone number and the account creation date.

You need an operating system like calyxOS or LineageOS or just a firewall that allows blocking internet access of apps

Yes, they’d need to implement another method of showing notifications.

I use Google files with disabled Internet permission.

True, no threads. I didn’t notice cause for threads I usually used the website on my laptop

The protonmail app seams good to me on Android?

“no desktop app” One can use the iPad App on Mac with m1, tho sure not optimised for desktop.

“No safari extension” They announce it on their download page, so it should be available later.

Well imap isn’t encrypted, right? That’s why one can or rather needs to run a software with proton called proton bridge to get imap locally

koel - features - android auto?
I am wondering if koel for android has the following features: - Android Auto - lyrics (from mp3 files) - download songs to phone for offline usage Anyone has an idea? thanks