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I use Matrix but if there’s something I want full assurance of privacy, I use Briar.

However, many Free Software activists refuse to use it.

Who? (That blog post is a couple of years old amyway)

What would you think if you discovered that a new messaging software claiming to be decentralized is sending lots of your private data and metadata to their central servers despite you installed your own instance?

That hasn’t been the case in the past two years and I doubt it has ever been.

We have not investigated further, so let’s consider there is no freedom issue at all and we are only dealing with fully Free Software.

Then don’t bring it up.


Matrix is not only a viable alternative to discord but to all other messaging services. Nothing keeps you from replacing whatsapp with it. However matrix does produce lots of metadata and your server has access to it. If you don’t like your admin to have that metadata then only a p2p service is an alternative. Signal doesn’t store the metadata forever on their servers. Everything else is encrypted.

Who are the people that wrote that website?

It’s more than a little questionable. It’s read like someone with a vendetta. For example: “report was published when the Matrix developers published some «privacy improvements»” “We have not read it. We do not think it is worth wasting more time.”

Yeah, that’s true. I also noticed they don’t really have any other articles so probably aren’t incredibly trustworthy.

Where did you even find it? Why are you sharing it and letting it influence you if you know it is questionable?

You’re right. I wasn’t really using my critical thinking skills when I posted this lol. Do you suggest I edit the post or just delete it altogether?


If neither of those have that issue it’s probably not an issue.

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