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Okay, that makes sense and thanks for informing about gratuitas.org . However, when buying groceries locally at a store, I always pay with anon cash and not via bank, so in that case using giftcards bought with monero seems redundand.

You asked a question and I gave you a sophisticated answer. As a reply I get an unrelated pile of shit back, fuck you

What’s the point though? Cash is anonymous anyways and you are not taking away power from fiat currency at all with such an awkward and non-mass-adoption friendly method

There are several ways to obtain Monero anonymously.

Simplest and most well-known: Buy Bitcoin (non-anonymously), then exchange Bitcoin for Monero. Never touch this Monero receive address again and use your other Monero addresses for spending (u have infinite).

Other method: Use localmonero.co and directly exchange cash for Monero with a well-reputed stranger. Anonymous cash-by-mail possible.

Not necessarily. You can use any server/pidgeon to send your message while your contact uses a different server to send. Also you can at any time change which servers you use and it is planned that the servers get rotated automatically in the future. There is no point in time where one pidgeon is responsible for multiple connections, you are using a bunch of pidgeons and swap them out all the time.

That’s why I’m using SimpleX Chat, there is no network-wide identity so no data can be collected. It’s a very clever architecture, actually exactly the carrier pidgeon scenario you describe, but in digital form. https://simplex.chat/#how-simplex-works I’ve found my solution.

Okay, I get where you’re coming from. Signal is private enough for you, while I would feel more private if there is also no metadata about me.

For the toilet example, it’s more like that a foreign, unrelated person (like the Signal Foundation and by extension the government with a national security letter) knows about your shit-taking, not just family at home or colleagues who happen to be there. This would be a concern for me.

Considering that anything you post here should be public, the only real privacy concern is your identity. So yes, Lemmy respects your privacy because you are anonymous.

Anonymity guarantees that many aspects (all?) of privacy can’t be violated. When e.g. Signal doesn’t know who you are (anonymous), metadata about you doesn’t violate your privacy either. What else do you need?

Who says privacy equals anonymity?? No one here.

Signal does nothing more than hiding message content, which by your own words is “of course not” privacy. Signal could be a lot more private, but it is not and it doesn’t want to be. I’m done talking to you, I can’t get much clearer than that…

Do you define privacy as “message content is hidden, everything else is irrelevant”?

I think you don’t understand what “privacy” means. Being anonymous is the highest achievable level of privacy. There are levels before that, and Signal is at the bottom of the spectrum (WhatsApp is not even on the spectrum)

=> Signal is doing a bad job if it’s goal is “privacy”

I don’t like the idea of providers at all. I use SimpleX Chat, there are no identities or registration with a server. Thanks to clever design. Check out this comparison: https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/blob/stable/docs/SIMPLEX.md#comparison-with-other-protocols

Lol, privacy is definetely not what you’re getting with Signal. They know your entire connection graph, who you talk to, when and how much. They collect all of the phone numbers.

EDIT: It seems like people here don’t understand what privacy is. If I know when exactly you take a big shit on the toilet and where you do it, every single time, but I don’t know what it looks like when you are doing it, would that be a privacy concern for you?

You seem open minded, have you checked out SimpleX Chat yet? There you have no identity at all, so you don’t even have to register an account at some server. This gives much more autonomy and also has some privacy/security benefits. Check out this comparison: https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/blob/stable/docs/SIMPLEX.md#comparison-with-other-protocols

Signal knows your entire connection graph. Who you talk to, at what time and how much. Storing all of the phone numbers/identities on their server. I use SimpleX Chat where you have no identity that can be recorded. It is also easy to use, though it’s relatively new and in active production