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For starters, it prevents some censorship and filtering, because it is usually done on DNS level, like in UK.

ISP can to see, to what domains you have connected, but most webpages use CDN servers like cloudflare, so while he could presume that you have connected to piratebay, there is no guarantee. It could be just an AD on some webpage or a linked picture, because each time you connect to any webpage, your browser makes connection to 30-50 other webpages, so it is not as straightforward as DNS, so an encrypted DNS helps.

To put it simply, if you use ISP DNS, ISP can see that you visited xxx shop in a mall. If you use some DOH, ISP can see, that you visited a mall.

It has nothing to do with security, Google Safe Browsing works fine without it and you can use it with alternative DNS services instead.

It is literally just so Google can see everything you do, type, say, etc and by it you give it consent to alter it, for your protection.

Like when it was enabled, it filtered out rt news links, literally removed it from emails and messages, as if they never existed.

What is illegal and immoral changes daily, so it is not just about that particular example. The point is that they can do it.

There is censorship, there is discrimination and then there is swisscows, it has all.

Who in their right mind would block random innocent searches for no reason?

DDG has several strikes, one of them was DDG’s CEO announcing that he will censor results, then he denied his own statement.

SwissCows is odd, if you can not search “brown sugar”, it is better to avoid it.