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It’s available on all phones, but they all have their own version, forked from long ago. Even the standard AOSP Phone app has long split from Google (who have ceased open source development of the app).

I feel like this would require cooperation from the manufacturer, as Google doesn’t actually provide the Phone app (except when they are the manufacturer).

Hmmm you’ve got me wondering now…

Edit: Apparently there are! TIL: https://bitwarden.com/help/keyboard-shortcuts/

Not sure if they’d work on sites that the pop up box doesn’t work on, though. There are a handful where I have no choice but to copy and paste.

Awesome. It’s always been a little hit and miss whether the pop up for passwords would show when you click on a text field, and I resent having to drag the mouse all the way to the toolbar to get at them.

Sounds decent.

Most routers can have VLAN functionality if you flash them with custom firmware. You get allllll the settings then. I have a netgear router that now has an FTP server and a bunch of other stuff. All you have to do is make sure the model you buy has a chipset supported by the firmware. Firmwares include:

  • DD-WRT
  • Tomato
  • AdvancedTomato
  • OpenWRT
  • Chilifire
  • Gargoyle

I’m sure someone will come in and say that using a consumer grade router is naff, but in my (somewhat limited) experience working with managed switches in an industrial setting, a custom consumer router is much more feature-rich. Unless you need the IO of a managed switch (ie SFPs) I see no reason to go down that route.

If you are using SFPs, be sure to get the knock off ones that can be programmed - there should be places that sell them and program them at no extra cost. They can literally be 1/10 of the cost of the manufacturer’s own modules.

Yes exactly. This story has echos of the guy who was hounded by police (and maybe even charged and convicted?) because he took a different route while cycling and rode past a house where a crime was committed. That, too, was Google.

The issue here is not that they are required to reveal search history of suspects, the issue is that the police is browsing the search history of everyone in order to find a suspect. That’s not what warrants are for and violates the constitutional rights of nearly everyone they searched.

It wasn’t specific to an individual criminal, though. Police aren’t allowed to get warrants for fishing expeditions, they’re supposed to find leads themselves and then get a concise warrant to evidence to confirm that. They searched people they had no right to search, and violated their constitutional rights.

Great, I’ll give that a try first. Still probably going to try DivestOS as well anyway, just for a fresh change.

I literally saw a link in a thread on the OG’s github earlier today, sounds like this will be my new switch.

Although I’m still going to give Mulch a try, with a ROM that has it integrated into webview.

I wouldn’t want Brave on anything myself. The company has proven it isn’t trustworthy many times over.

Bromite used to be great, but unfortunately the dev seems to have abandoned it.

I’ve seen people talking about Mull, Mulch, Fulguris and a couple others. I think Mulch is tied to a specific Android ROM, and the others are Firefox forks.