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It's becoming more and more popular for websites (including Google & others) to demand you SMS text verify to use the service. This can be a huge drag on privacy. This article goes over a few services you can pay some tiny amount of cryptocurrency to get a burner SMS text number just for this purpose, including tips on which ones to use for which service: https://simplifiedprivacy.com/best-temporary-burner-sms-verification-services/ Note: There are no affiliate links. This is a neutral third party article.

Ah ok, that was meant for someone who wants to setup OpenVPN on a VPS that they can SSH into. But this person does not want to do the work. So the company can provide the service of setting up what you like on a VPS

We are recommending VPNs in general, but are not “hawking” or selling a specific one.

Second, we did not say a VPN hides against cookies. Cookies can easily be erased in the browser. This article is discussing browser fingerprints, which neither a VPN nor cookies deal with. Your reading comprehension is shockingly low.

You know what’s also bad for the environment? Typing on lemmy, you’re using electricity

sometimes i wonder if these people are trolling or for real, thanks brother

Some Bitcoin hodlers will say, "Who cares about privacy? Isn't Monero just for criminals?" In this fun short video, we'll break down a few of replies you can give: https://video.simplifiedprivacy.com/why-monero/