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the status is updated to Planned.

They did the same with Passkeys so we’ll probably see in them in ~5 years!!!

It’s actually because the Tensor chip is the most secure one available, and because Google promises several years of software updates, with a solid history to back it up.


So, I have a few solutions for this.

First, I use GrapheneOS, so I can continue using Gboard and a few other Google products that do not warrant or require an internet connection, with network access disabled.

Alternatively, the next best keyboard is grammarly (also with network access dsiabled) and you can also use https://voiceinput.futo.org with that one.

Stop using Google products, people. There are alternatives for every service they offer.

Unfortunately many of the products they offer are a requirement for daily life.

I hope they just ignore them and keep the services running. But I also know that’s not realistic.

Not sure how Signal is going to handle this because they literally built proxies into the app specifically to circumvent this type of legislation.

Apple and Google will put their apps but it’s trivial to just install it from the Signal website on Android. Or basically anywhere else.

Eh, yes and no. I personally loathe that type of media but certainly several hundred million people do not, so it would be nice if there was an alternative for them.

To be clear, Fedi is basically the opposite of private. Every post you make is archived on some 25k servers. Even your DMs.

Also it’s entirely dependent on your server admin and what kind of info they are collecting.

If you want private social media, Signal stories are pretty much all we got, to my knowledge.

My guy you posted like 74 comments so maybe I missed the one with the link in it.

I see no reason to go through the trouble of dealing with these workarounds when it’s simply not a problem for other apps and when I can already find the data with GW Maps.

But thanks anyway.

Things I don’t understand

  • “dev in the link”
  • “obf files”
  • Android data directory

Also I can use GW maps to get locations and share them over but why not just use an app that works instead?

I don’t understand what you’re saying

That’s what I’ve been using lately, thanks!

I get it but when 70% of users all use the same browser (or fork thereof) I can’t blame them.

As I said 4 other times in this thread, the data exists.

I don’t see why collecting data about your sexual activity or genetic information would benefit them.

Nor do I see how they would collect that info

I did not say they are not collecting anything. Mozilla, on the other hand, puts this forth as a fact, as far as I can tell, without any evidence:

global car brands…are collecting your deeply personal data, like your genetic information and sexual activity.

I don’t see why collecting data about your sexual activity or genetic information would benefit them.

You are trying to take way more from what I said than exactly what I said. It’s not a puzzle. I don’t need you to extrapolate my intentions.

They certainly can if they’re designed that way.

That’s not my “take”, that’s just the facts of the situation.

It’s not bullshit, you just don’t know what you’re talking about. It won’t burst into flames but some features may not work, it may not charge at public stations, or it may just not move at all.

It’s not censorship since these are privately owned websites that can link to whatever they like

…what exactly do you think censorship is? Are you under the impression that this is something only the government can do?

Lots of bicycles are implementing spyware these days too. Obviously not “analog” bikes.

are collecting your deeply personal data, like your genetic information and sexual activity

Most of these policies are just putting in there as a sort of “catch-all” in case they collect it incidentally. I don’t see anything to indicate that they’re actively collecting this information.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Some cars will not function properly without a cellular connection. They’re designed that way.

This seems awful opinionated.

What does “censorship” mean? The entire purpose of a search engine is to “censor” bad results so I would argue that they all have censorship. And if they don’t they’re probably a bad search engine.

LibreTube with Piped API disabled is where it’s at.

I dunno how so many people use Piped. It doesn’t even work half the time. Not unless I disable the Piped API.

Well, if OpenStreetMap doesnt have the house or building number at all you will need to add them.

You’re the 4th person to say this. So for the 4th time, they ARE in OSM.

Yes, as I said, I can see the properties on the map but it will not find them when I search for them.

Yes I mentioned in my original post that OSMAnd isn’t working for me

The house number search can be tricky

Is it? Or does it just not work?

Yes, Im aware of that. Hence the title. The data is there. I can zoom in and see it. It just doesn’t appear in the search.

Doesn’t look like I can get that one without Google Play…

What’s your favorite OpenStreetMaps app?
Tried to use OSMAnd last week to navigate around on vacation. For some reason it seems to be incapable of searching for house numbers, which is an instant dealbreaker. I'm very confused as to how or why this is a thing on such a mature product. I was able to share a location from GMaps WV over to it to get navigation working, and from there the navigation was awesome! Currently also testing Magic Earth and Organic Maps but I'm very interested to hear from those with more experience.