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I’d rather have more storage space with all paid plans and I want all proxy locations to also be P2P locations.

The Indian government will crack down on regular people using encryption, but they don’t give a shit about the scammers based there.

Maybe they banned them and un-banned them later? It was a big story when the government of india banned porn sites.

well they blocked every porn site in india for a different but equally stupid reason.

Other fields of science wouldn’t be possible without engineers making the tools.

When electrical engineers make circuit boards, they have to know a lot of chemistry and many different forms of math to do that.

What the hell are you talking about? Engineering is absolutely science. You need to know a lot about physics and chemistry to be an engineer.

Proton isn’t science

Cryptography and software development is science.

I got proton’s app by going to proton’s website and letting the link there take me to the google play store page for it.

I don’t live in the EU. The only promos I’ve ever gotten for any proton products were through proton mail and the pages on lemmy and reddit. Never in the VPN app

They sometimes have trouble reading what I’m actually saying sometimes too.

Just respond telling them that they didn’t read what you typed and explain again that you’re talking about the VPN app on android.

By the way, Android user and proton unlimited subscriber here, I’ve never seen any ads inside the proton VPN app on android. Not from proton, not from anything.

there’s nothing in there that I would want an emergency contact to have.

make proton family a little cheaper, or give us more storage space for the same price.

You mean like something to compete with services like DeleteMe, Incogni and Aura?

I’d be down for that, I’d like it to be included with proton family, that would give me a good reason to bite the bullet and pay the extra money for it.

I still have to use gmail for a few things. Although there’s several things that I could just tell those people to email me at one of my protonmails

There’s no sound argument for not allowing people to be anonymous online anywhere, except for banking websites and maybe a few other things involving your identity information.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but you should still use a VPN on all your devices even though your whole home network is going through a VPN. It’s like a multi-hop that way

proton’s hide-my-emails are disposable, but regular proton mail addresses aren’t disposable.

I was about to ask the same question, internet providers in many areas are allowed to collect and sell your history without your consent now. You should always have a good, privacy-friendly VPN active on all your devices all the time.

Mullvad and proton are the only two that have had to prove they don’t record anything happening on their VPN services.

And proton also encrypts the contents of all the drives on their VPN servers too.

Whenever the authorities compel them to hand over the goods, they never have any activity logs to hand over.

They’ve been forced to hand over the data stored on their users’ mail and drive accounts, but by design they are unable to decrypt it. But quantum computers exist now, so be aware of that.

Hey OP! I edited what I said before. Adguard for desktop would be great as an extra layer of protection for the adblocking and malware blocking proton gives you.

AdNauseam is better than ublock. Use its strict blocking if the regular blocking doesn’t work.

If you prefer firefox based browsers, go with librewolf and turn on the letterboxing feature.

I’ve noticed that the ad-blocking in most VPNs can’t stop most advertisements from loading.

I’d recommend adding adguard for desktop to your setup. There’s a lifetime license available $80 USD for 3 devices on the lifetime plan…

Maybe even start using brave browser with brave’s adblocking and fingerprint blocking set to aggressive as well as adguard for desktop.