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You might pick up some casual phrases but unless you are spending a ton of time with them breaking it down, you’re now an adult, and you will need more than the shows.

Just become undocumented in another country. 😂

I see, thanks. Just a bit confusing on the wording.

Only one Proton product is steeply discounted in tiers: the VPN. For 2.5 years it’s 60% off, 1.5 years 52%, and one month is 10%.

Everything else is 33% off for 1 year.

I only see 33% off bf deals on Proton’s website. Am I missing something?

Wild! Thanks for checking up and following up.

A long time ago I used an app called Tinfoil Facebook that created a sandbox web browser style situation in the app. Gave it a nice UI and did not leave a trace. Switched to iPhone at some point. I wonder if it’s still around…

I can tell this matters, but you’re being unnecessarily antagonistic about this to a total stranger.