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That’s more of a lifestyle. You do you. You can already avoid that by acting smart, but this is another way.

A hammer

Also these are privacy apps, not cyber security

Reddit started with just bot posts, and it will die as just bot posts

Dude there’s this things as taxes, and you have to claim those on your taxes or the IRS comes for you. That’s dumb as hell, and cash shouldn’t be anonymous.

Well that’s weird but besides the point I’m trying to make. I’m wondering how do you get money into your wallet enough to regularly pay bills and groceries in monero and exclusively pay with gift cards? Are you roleplaying that you mine it all?

Did you read literally any part of my comment

That looks like you’re a drug dealer

Elaborate, unless you have the fantasy everyone is mining coins and keeping it in the monero ecosystem, which doesn’t happen.

Explain how you’d buy a pizza without real world cash entering or exiting the system.

learn how to pay all your bills with monero

This is some of the worst advice I have ever heard lol. Good way to get the feds knocking on your door for tax evasion. Not to mention crypto is a ponzi scheme by default and destroys the enviroment just so you can get yourself into legal trouble. It’s not even private either since your money needs to enter and exit a crypto exchange that requires you to enter invasive information for this exact purpose. Do you expect to pay for groceries or rent in monero? No business is going to want to deal with that bullshit.

Conversations is a terribly ugly and prehistoric app, there’s no way around it.

Do you know why they mention Signal (the app), but nobody mentions a single XMPP app? Because there’s not a single good app for it lol.

You expect people to use XMPP how exactly? Is Conversations, that Android kitkat looking $4 app on Google Play the Signal killer app you expect it to be? People pick apps/software, not protocols. Otherwise what do you expect them to do.

Never use their router. Obviously for the issue you’re having now, but also for financial reasons. They charge ridiculous fees for renting their shit routers when buying one for like $120 will be a significant upgrade over there’s and will start saving money like 6 to 8 months in. Also it’s not tied to the company, so you get to keep it.

Just because something is public, does it mean the source is irrelevant? Not to mention, there’s a lot of stuff that’s not meant to be public that is. A computer won’t know the difference. Public or not, it’s theft to steal the content without credit and monetize it privately.

Some domain names are competitive. Idk how the pricing works anyways

It’s very clear from my wording that I have experience doing this. Your pros/cons are wrong. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Simple as that.

.dev domains are $15/yr, what are you talking about expensive?

Nah I use https://gandi.net . Great provider, highly recommend. They also mask your info by default and are privacy first, and fight for privacy.

Just use an email provider like protonmail or Tutanota. I pay like $12/yr for Tutanota which includes 2 custom domains. It handles the spam filter and configuring my stuff correctly so my stuff never is considered junk. Also my emails is stored as e2ee and they take security very seriously. I’d never attempt to self host my own email server, there’s so much that can go wrong and it’s super complicated.

It’s really not nearly as hard as you make it out to be lol.

I set up custom domains for Tutanota and it just told me what to setup with my DNS settings and I’m simply done. It was like 4 things to add in my DNS settings and it’s really easy to setup through your domain provider website (I use gandi.net which I recommend). I don’t have to worry about any of that and it checks that it’s configured right so I know it’s all good. Also I’ve literally never had my email go to spam.

The domain provider also hosts this DNS stuff so there is no “burden” you have to worry about. You set it once and forget it.

Yes absolutely. It gives you a sense of ownership and nobody can shut you down.

You’re also more flexible as in you can email providers very easily by simply pointing your domain DNS to a new one. With an @gmail for example, you’re stuck with Gmail. If I’m @example.com and want to swap to Tutanota from Protonmail, I can just change my DNS settings to the new provider and people can still email the same domain.

It also lets you stand out and I think it makes me look more professional on resumes. If your provider is properly set up, then the spam issue is non-existent, so I also highly recommend not to self host your own email.

You need to be careful and pick a reputable TLD though. For example, .top domains are free which also means a ton of scammers and bad folk use it, so it easily gets flagged for spam. I pay $15/yr for my .dev TLD which is ran by Google so it’s reputable. Also they have a special requirement for .dev domains which require to be https and blocks http on the domain level, which I find to be a security advantage and absolutely agree with.

I also have a wildcard domain so I can come up with emails on the fly. If you still want to sign up with things anonymously and not have your domain stick you, then you can use a private email forwarder like AnonAddy.

As in not using cloud backups is bad idea

In form of data backup you should follow the 3 2 1 rule, which involves off-site backups, which is cloud storage. If you plan on accessing anything out of the house, that involves self hosting which means exposing your devices to the greater internet. Each thing you expose is now a new service that needs constant maintenance and potential security issues, not including everything you may misconfigure. That’s a lot of security issues for a regular person. You also need to self host these things if you want to sync real time between your devices, which is also important for backups.

This is terrible advice if you even somewhat care about data loss, security, and syncing up content on many devices.

They don’t have recommendations except for revanced.

I use Bitwarden for everything, including my totp codes. I should probably use a separate app solely for Bitwarden’s totp code, but the danger of losing it all gives me such a rush!

It’s a great project but literally worse the ChatGPT and Bard for privacy significantly right now. You can rate conversations to help the AI get better, but that also means your conversations will be made public so someone can rate the AI responses to what you said.

They just change their subscription model a little while ago. Their new plans have much higher storage limits which is really good. It wasn’t really needed when it was just email, but with cloud it’ll definitely be useful. I’m very excited for this and I’ll migrate from my legacy plan once this comes out! I have used them for 4 years now.