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Yeah, you don’t have to. But to be able to easily prove you are who you are to IRL people you will. And the decision tells you something about the product and protocol design.

OK… Google “matrix identity server” since you don’t know what I’m trying to say.

No, to be searchable by your friends you have to attach your matrix ID to your phone number and upload it to an identity server, which anyone can run of course but which is useless unless its the new vector identity server. It’s a central database of verified matrix IDs.

Now you’re just making excuses for new vector/matrix

Meh, I use it. I’ll take it over Discord or Telegram any day. But I don’t use it for anything that may be sensitive or anything involving IRL people.

It’s leaky. I remember all media were uploaded unencrypted and available over https, I don’t know if it is still like that. Lots and lots of metadata out in the open. To be searchable you have to give your phone number to a centralized service. The protocol is overly complex, all messages live on all servers of everyone involved in the conversation, lots of duplication, but ActivityPub is like that too and we are on Lemmy…

If I set my own stuff up, I prefer XMPP, and increasingly Simplex. If some project uses matrix, I have an account and will talk to them there.

Overall I’m not a fan, but I don’t outright hate it.

Theres a lot of metadata that’s not encrypted in matrix, some of which goes to matrix.org no matter what server youre using.

Signal publishes a unique identifier and the board is like 50% feds with close intelligence ties. I use it, but only for those that insist. It’s better than the other mainstream ones.

Use simplex.

Reddit and Twitter are next. There’s nothing more to gain from using them.

FYI material files is maintained, there just hasn’t been a release since may 2022. The last update was June 9 which you can see on the git repo https://github.com/zhanghai/MaterialFiles