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Never used Piped but I’m intrigued. Will addons like Enhancer for YouTube, SponsorBlock, and Return YouTube Dislike work on it? Does it show comments? Will HDR videos show in HDR?

I’ve been seeing the name “Sumer” a lot in recent years. Isn’t it supposed to be “Summer”? How do you pronounce “Sumer”?

This is why I’m stuck with Google TV as well. The only PCs that support HDR/Dolby Vision + AI upscaling have high-end graphics cards, and I just don’t have $800+ to blow on another GPU just for the living room. Not to mention the increase in heat output from the GPU, and then my power bill goes up.

Nope, I rather put up with Google’s bullshit with their laggyass interface and whatnot, than lose HDR.

But what about HDR? Neither Firefox nor even Linux itself support it. I didn’t spend $1800 on an OLED to not be able to take advantage of every feature it has.